Well we were supposed to have some news about the process of the heart transplant today and we have been anxiously waiting (its been over 2 weeks now since the likely need for transplant was mentioned).  His case was to be presented by our Cardiologist in Winnipeg to the Transplant Team in Edmonton, but due […]

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The Other Stuff

When we left the hospital so many months ago we knew that Beckham’s health would influence every part of our lives.  His health dictates what we do or don’t get to do, where we go or where we don’t get to go, who we see or don’t see.  Because of his dilated cardiomyopathy an average […]

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Little Miss Olivia

With everything that has gone on in the last few months little miss Olivia has been an absolute trooper.  She has had to deal with a lot more than most her age and yet to us it is amazing how resilient she is and children in general.  If I could change anything aside from the […]

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Reality sets in…

For the past six and a half months we have been living in somewhat of a bubble.  Since being released from the hospital Beckham has been doing really well.  Often people who meet Beckham don’t even think that there is anything wrong with him.  We almost started to believe it ourselves.  At the end of October […]

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Where to begin?

We have been saying for a long time that we should start a blog and use it as a way to share what was happening, to express our thoughts, and to just get out what we we had going on inside.  April seems like it was such a long time ago, an eternity really.  Our […]

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